Managing Medical Device Design Transfer and Validation

July 22, 2021
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See the process through the eyes of a fully-integrated medical device contract manufacturer.

At Lincotek Medical, we are able to support our customers and their patients in every aspect of a medical device launch. Join us to discover more about our approach and our integrated quality management system.

You’ll learn about our service, which takes you all the way from design to final launch, encompasses design controls, regulatory approvals and design verification and validation. We’ll then focus on design transfer to additive, as well as casting, coating, machining, finishing, cleaning/passivation and post-market surveillance.

The webinar will provide an overview of:

·     Lincotek Medical and our offering
·     Our integrated quality management system
·     Our design controls and regulatory pathway process
·     Our design transfer and process controls
·     Our post-market maintenance and charge control process