/ Forging

Following our acquisition of a majority stake in the medical division of Pegasus early in 2022, we are delighted to offer new forging capabilities as part of our portfolio of services.

Our new, 3,000-sqm facility in Northern Italy is completely dedicated to orthopedic applications and carries an ISO 1345 certification. It also has its own ISO 17025 certified internal lab. The forging we offer is unique in its level of automation throughout the manufacturing process – meaning we can guarantee state-of-the-art product quality, total process control and repeatability.

Fully robotized forging line

We can manufacture high-quality forged implantable parts to your specification, thanks to our:

  • AMS-2750-compliant heat treatment furnace

  • Automated pickling line and liquid penetrant inspection unit

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Internal mold manufacturing

  • Robotized deburring and polishing unit

  • Computerized dimensional control

Technical capabilities


  • Titanium Alloy ISO 5832-3 and ISO 5832-11;

  • Cobalt Chrome Alloy ISO 5832-12 and ISO 5832-7;

  • Stainless Steel ISO 5832-1 and ISO 5832-9;


  • Acetabular Cups;

  • Dual Mobility Cups;

  • Hip Stems;

  • Tibial Trays;

  • Trauma Plates