The AM Particulate Problem: A More Efficient Means of Removing Residual Powder

2019, October 10
Mukesh Kumar, Global Technology Director – Surface Dynamics | Unitedcoatings Group Medical Division

One of the main issues related to the generation of highly intricate, porous structures produced by additive manufacturing (AM) techniques involves the proper removal of trapped residual powder. The orthopedic community is well aware the in vivo release of such fine metal powder, post implantation, will result in third-body wear, osteolysis, and tissue necrosis. Since the most common cleaning methods are limited in their ability to remove and quantify the trapped powder, Eurocoating has developed an alternative. XClean® is a proprietary technique that allows for fast and complete removal of semi-sintered or loosely attached metal powder by means of a mechanical agitation without damaging the part. This webinar will highlight the benefits of this process and explain why it’s a much more effective and efficient protocol.