Why Partner with Us?

Integrated supply chain solutions: we simplify your business

We offer a complete range of services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the medical industry, including: design, machining, 3D printing of medical implants, plasma spray coating, electrochemical treatments, polishing, and packaging.

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We invest in research and development

Research and development are at the core of our business. We ensure that we always have an innovative team of people working on our customers’ projects.

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We comply with medical standards

We are an ISO13485 certified company and an FDA established manufacturing site. We have the technical know-how to help your products be cleared fast and efficiently through regulatory programs.

  • Validation of processes

  • Validation of products

  • Quality, always

  • Fast and efficient

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We provide a cost-effective,
customer-driven approach

Thanks to the extensive experience of Lincotek Medical dating back to 1973, we can support medical OEMs by setting up and developing new quality processes, quickly and cost efficiently.

  • Short lead time

  • High quality processes

  • Continuous improvement in product handling and processes

We strive for excellence in all of our products and processes and aim to provide only the best service for our customers. Our services and products are created through a lifetime’s experience, matching our competence and responsiveness to our customers’ demands.

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We have the expertise and facilities

We have decades of experience servicing OEMs in the medical industry, helping our customers achieve outstanding, and sustained, clinical outcomes with their medical devices and implants.

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