Outperform the Orthopedic Market with Integrated Supply Chain Solutions



Lincotek Medical is hosting a webinar with Gary Snipes – Senior Director of SalesBrett George – Sales Manager, and Tyler Urse – Operations Manager to explore our integrated supply chain solutions and the way in which we can support OEMs enabling them to concentrate on things that really help them to stay competitive in the market.

Specifically, you’ll learn how we can help you to:

  • Minimize delays and waste
  • Reduce risks and complexity
  • Consolidate your supply base
  • Innovate and outperform the market
  • Manage the whole device development process – from ideation to high-volume production
  • Identify the most important factors to consider to build a supplier network

You’ll have the chance to learn about our collaborative partnership model, marked by flexibility and deep knowledge of technology and mastering of process.

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