Pioneering a Transformation into a Comprehensive Solution Provider



March 12, 2024 | Lincotek Medical, under the visionary leadership of founder Nelso Antolotti, has long been an exemplar of leveraging technology to address clients’ needs. The company’s success is rooted in its ability to align fully with its clients, providing truly bespoke solutions at a fair and reasonable cost.

As Lincotek’s operations have grown and become increasingly complex, the challenge of maintaining their unique signature of guaranteeing the attention and flexibility typical of a small company, but with the resources of a big business, has been drawn into sharp focus to the company’s management. The increasing size and geographical reach now demand a cohesive approach. For example, the adoption of unified IT systems and standardized quality systems across the plants worldwide, which is essential in contract manufacturing. These elements combined with a unique and cohesive global brand that transcends the acquisitions create the foundation for the development of a new and differentiating strategy.

In this article, we delve into Lincotek’s strategic evolution from a Global CDMO to a Solution Provider, starting from the importance of having solid foundations, a shared corporate culture, a valuable team, and uniformity of operations.

Challenges in maintaining core values when reaching a Global Scale

As Lincotek embarked on its global expansion, it met with a blend of opportunities and challenges. The extended geographical reach brought the company closer to its clientele, allowing more intimate relationships. However, this expansion also presented complexities in validating new contracts, especially when dealing with multiple plants across the world, each operating with different quality systems. The need to ensure consistency and compliance across diverse quality systems demanded additional time and resources, impacting the speed at which solutions could be deployed. These complexities have become a common challenge for CDMOs that have achieved global scale through expansion and acquisitions.

These challenges have unfolded in a dynamic market landscape characterized by revolutionary shifts over the past decade. The industry has witnessed a substantial consolidation of companies, an unprecedented surge in regulatory demands, and the commoditization of products, culminating in significant price declines worldwide. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent geopolitical concerns have further exacerbated the situation, placing the entire orthopedic supply chain under considerable strain.

The Significance of the Family Culture

In addressing these challenges, Lincotek’s family-owned heritage has been a critical factor in maintaining long-term focus and building a sustainable future. Unlike short-term profit-oriented companies, Lincotek prioritises investing in long-term, sustainable solutions. Furthermore, the family culture values the human aspect, doing its best to clear the way for better communication and collaboration within the organization, a critical function in a period of profound transition. The strengthening of the HR function with the addition of a new leadership with proven skills and competences is an important element in the creation of this new culture.

Transitioning to a Solution Provider

Lincotek’s future strategy centers on evolving from a Global CDMO to a Solution Provider. This transformation involves offering clients a broader range of services that add greater value throughout the entire orthopedic manufacturing process. The three main aspects of this new strategy are:

  1. Supporting OEM in Enhancing Production Processes and Supply Chains
    In the current market setting, many orthopedic companies need to re-evaluate their manufacturing strategies, consolidate production, and achieve economies of scale while maintaining regulatory compliance and uninterrupted supply. Lincotek, drawing from its extensive experience in restructuring manufacturing processes, can collaborate with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to optimize production flows, determining which aspects to keep in-house and what to outsource. By leveraging this expertise, OEMs can focus on their core products, leaving other components to be produced by a trusted partner.
  1. “End to End” Project Support
    With increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, R&D departments in many orthopedic companies are overwhelmed with compliance tasks, hindering the development of new products. Lincotek now offers an all-encompassing solution. The entire process from initial design to industrialization, production for testing, and final production, can be completely outsourced. Lincotek’s deep knowledge of regulatory aspects ensures seamless compliance whether in the US, Europe or Asia. Based on historical data, the company claims to be able to complete a project within 24 months. This is significantly quicker than the standard completion time of most challengers to large orthopedic manufacturers.
    This type of service can therefore provide economic advantages in terms of faster time to market, precise control of R&D expenses, reduced risk of unexpected costs, and easier management of staff costs.
  1. Providing Fully Finished Products
    Lincotek introduces an innovative service aimed at supporting “challengers” in the orthopedic industry who seek a complete portfolio to compete effectively, but face resource constraints in designing, developing, and maintaining a complete reconstructive portfolio for large and small joints. This new service offers a diverse range of fully proven implants, packaged with clients’ brands while maintaining Lincotek as the legal manufacturer. For companies that have been impacted by rationalization following the introduction of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) or are struggling to meet testing requirements for 510 clearance, this solution presents an opportunity to fill portfolio gaps and confidently participate in public tenders or Group Purchasing Originations (GPOs) contracts. By integrating these fully finished products into their offerings, companies can bolster their product lines, ensuring a comprehensive and competitive presence in the market.


Lincotek Medical’s transformation into a Solution Provider marks a pivotal moment in the company’s journey. Driven by the founder’s vision and a commitment to maintaining a family culture, Lincotek navigates the complexities of the global market while offering unparalleled services to its clients. By offering consultancy services, End-to-End project support, and fully finished products, Lincotek positions itself at the forefront of the orthopedic industry, poised to meet the evolving needs of clients worldwide. As the company’s unified and homogeneous identity takes shape, its unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation is set to reshape the landscape of contract manufacturing in the orthopedic market.