Cleaning and
Packaging solutions

We take great care in ensuring that our customers’ products are packaged according to applicable industry standards.
Our clean rooms are classified ISO 5 and ISO 7.

We offer three packaging solutions in a controlled environment:

  • Cleaning and packaging
    Your medical devices will be returned without further cleaning ready to enter your own clean rooms for processing

  • Cleaning, packaging and labelling
    Your medical devices will be returned to you ready to be sterilized

  • Cleaning, packaging, labelling and sterilization
    Your medical devices will undergo our high-level of sterilization before they are returned to you.

Medical devices will be returned to the customer sterile according to the applicable international standards.

These include: EN 552, EN 556, ISO 11137, ISO 11607, ISO 11737, EN 868-1, ASTM D 4169, ISO 14644, EN 1174-(-2; -3), EN 980, and EN 1041.