The Lincotek Medical Strategy


April 19, 2024 – In an engaging conversation with Gianfranco Viola, Global Strategic Sales at Lincotek Medical, he shares the fascinating history of the company and insights of its future strategy. It was enlightening to hear about the company’s evolution and the vision that will guide them forward.

Lincotek Medical is the result of various transformations, growth phases, and name changes spanning nearly 40 years. The roots of the Lincotek Group’s medical division can be traced back to 1980, when the company’s operations in the orthopedic field started.

Nelso Antolotti, founder of the Lincotek Group, became familiar with the orthopedic industry while working with industrial spray coatings and decided to embark on a journey of identifying the industry’s needs and seek technological solutions to fulfil their challenges. However, the true focus on the medical sector, more specifically in orthopedics, materialized in the 2000s. During this time, Mr. Nelso recognized its growing market value and foresaw the potential technological development, acknowledging and calibrating the need for investment to achieve excellence.

The specialization of the Medical Division laid in mastering the coatings process to improve the interface between prosthetics and bone. This was the first stage of a journey where their role was to be a reliable “service provider” where parts were received, treated, and sent back. And this role shaped the company culture accordingly.

The late 2000s marked the beginning of Lincotek Medical’s second transformative phase. Fueled by ambitious goals, Nelso and the management team made the audacious decision to expand their scope both technologically and geographically. The company envisioned becoming a comprehensive supplier, mastering every facet of the orthopedic supply chain. Production facilities were established in key markets across America, Asia, and Europe, cementing Lincotek’s status as a major global player.

An intrinsic factor in this growth was the pioneering specialization in 3D printing technology, positioning Lincotek in the vanguard of innovation in orthopedics. Recognizing that 3D printing had the potential to disrupt traditional manufacturing methods,  the company proactively embraced this technology and excelled in its implementation.

This transformative phase propelled Lincotek Medical in two important directions: First, the company underwent a profound change from being a semi-finished products-focused entity to a full-scale manufacturer of orthopedic components. This shift required the acquisition of new competencies and processes, leading to the recruitment of specialized personnel and comprehensive training of existing staff.

Secondly, Lincotek transcended its origins as an Italian organization and emerged as a true global leader. Initially, the growth was predominantly organic, with the establishment of facilities in the United States and China using internal resources. Subsequently, strategic acquisitions were pursued to not only achieve comprehensive coverage of the orthopedic manufacturing process but also to strengthen its presence, particularly in the United States.

These transformations propelled Lincotek Medical to become a global CDMO – an indispensable evolution in an interconnected and technologically driven market. With its focus on technological specialization, Lincotek Medical cemented its position as a key global player in the global orthopedic industry.

As the world continues to evolve, so does Lincotek Medical. Embarking on a crucial third phase, the company now aspires to go beyond its CDMO status and become a definitive Solution Provider. The vision lies in offering tangible support to manufacturers in three areas:

  • Support OEMs in enhancing production processes and supply chains: recognizing the importance of managing economies of scale and sometimes collaborating with manufacturers to allow them to focus on their core processes and products while leaving the production of other components to Lincotek Medical.
  • Extending services to being “End-to-End” solution provider: complete outsourcing of a project, from design to final validation, including support during CE or FDA certification procedures.
  • Providing clients with a comprehensive ecosystem, including a portfolio of finished products, regulatory compliance, design, and clinical framework – where OEMs have the option to distribute Lincotek Medical devices or acquire ownership of the IP to integrate their offerings, reducing costs and time associated with development and regulatory clearance.

Lincotek Medical’s success is deeply rooted in its firm commitment to the essence of service. Firmly believing that customers should be able to focus on their goals without worrying about any challenges that may arise. The priority is to be there, providing prompt assistance to resolve any issues, ensuring a seamless experience for all clients.

The client’s success is the company’s success, and they are wholeheartedly invested in truly contributing to their customer’s growth and success within the industry.