Lincotek Medical named among most financially reliable businesses in NE Italy

Felix Award cerimony 2024_best financially relieable businesses


Lincotek Medical in Trento – the Headquarters of Lincotek Medical Division – was recently acknowledged as one of the 48 best-performing and financially reliable businesses in North Eastern Italy.


The Industria Felix Award, announced on 13th June, recognized us as best internationally oriented enterprise for management performance and financial reliability headquartered in the Trentino Alto Adige region of Italy, based on Cerved’s ratings.

The Award seeks to identify the cream of the crop by trawling a database of no fewer than 700,000 companies. The process is done algorithmically, with very strict criteria for reviewing the financial statements of the enterprises and ensuring that success is matched by a commitment to the workforce. It’s the brainchild of Centro Studi Industria Felix, the publishing company that edits the economics and finance periodical ‘Industria Felix Magazine – The Italy that competes’, a supplement with Il Sole 24 Ore.

The investigation of the 2024 event is based on the financial statements for the fiscal year 2022. The criteria for judging the winners includes: decreasing GOM, with positive ROE, in profit, financial charges/GOM ratio less than 50%, annual average of employee delta equal or increasing compared to the previous year (because it is not considered ethical to reward companies that, while developing excellent management performance, sacrifice the workforce). An additional element of evaluation is the Cerved Group Score, which estimates the probability of default of Italian companies and predicts possible distress situations subsequent to the year of the analyzed financial statement.

The award to Lincotek Medical in Trento was made in a ceremony attended by entrepreneurs and managers at Villa Cordellina Lombardi. The event was organized in collaboration with Cerved, Luiss University, A.C. Industria Felix, with the support of Confindustria, under the patronage of the Province of Vicenza.


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