Free Webinar: From DFAM to post processing for 3D printed orthopaedic parts

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2019, March 7th | The Significance of Post Processing Methods for Ready-to-Use 3D Printed Orthopaedic Parts

Are you looking to learn a bit more about AM technology and how it can be applied in the medical field?

In this webinar we will look at how post processing methods can impact the performance and mechanical and physical properties of ready-to-use 3D printed orthopaedic parts.
Please join us to:

  • Understand the key importance of combining DFAM, titanium powder bed fusion and essential post processing methods for AM
  • Learn about different post processing strategies and their criticalities to complete additive manufactured parts

Though 3D printing is becoming renowned for its aptitude as a production technology, parts cannot be manufactured with this technology without an initial accurate design and manufacturing plan and subsequent post processing steps, nor can they perform adequately.
This is not least pertinent in the orthopaedic space, where the kinds of medical devices manufactured and delivered to OEMs must perform safely.

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