We provide a cost-effective,
customer-driven approach

Our business model provides an integrated supply chain solution with processes and products designed to be validated in all major markets and produced in geographical proximity to our customers.

Being a service company, our goal is for our processes to be seamlessly integrated into our customers’ supply chains. All of our teams, be they in design, quality, regulatory, production, logistics, engineering, or research and development, work in direct collaboration with our customers. We bring value by being competent, proactive, quick, and accurate. We listen carefully to you, understand your requirements and ideas, and then we collaborate with you to make them happen.

We can support you during the validation process. We have helped our customers register their products in virtually all relevant markets and can help optimize the submission process. This can dramatically reduce the cost and the time-to-market for your product.

/ We work locally, tailoring our services to you

With production facilities located across three continents, we are able to bring our services direct to our customers’ door. Logistics and communication are optimized for local operations. Our local teams offer punctual integration with your organization, bringing responsiveness and competence to every corner of the manufacturing process. We offer a quick, reliable and effective turnaround, optimizing your supply chain and cutting significantly lead times: you can save weeks in getting finished parts to your shelves, and can reduce your inventory accordingly.

With the same efficiency, we bring international organization and the possibility of benefitting from the same level of service in different locations under a global agreement, leveraging the best practices learned locally on a global basis.

Furthermore, multiple locations with the same processes offer flexibility and solutions to contingency plans and capacity challenges.

/ State-of-the art technologies ensure cost-efficiency

We design, validate, and execute all of our technologies: whether it’s production, surface engineering, or additive manufacturing processes, and we always offer the best and the latest technology available. Our plasma spray technology is uniquely designed by our scientists: our sister company Lincotek Equipment works with us in the design stage, then manufactures spray equipment custom tailored for us. No one else in the industry has such an extensive control on what we do and how we do it. We have been pilot customers for all major metal 3D printing technologies for the medical devices industry.

We have been working on 3D printing of implantable devices since 2006, developing a full-blown design and manufacturing expertise: we can design your device for you and with you, help you through the whole validation and registration process, then setting up a fully reliable large-scale manufacturing. We are one of the largest manufacturing powerhouses to the medical devices industry, producing hundreds of thousands of implantable devices every year.

/ We are committed to exceeding your expectations

We strive for excellence in all of our products and processes and demand only the best for our customers. Our services are created through a lifetime’s experience, matching our competence and responsiveness to our clients’ demands.

“The commitment in exceeding our customers’ expectations and providing what they need exactly where they need it.”

Nelso Antolotti , President of Lincotek

We believe it is important to develop solutions together with our partners. From development through to production and quality control, our teams are dedicated to handling new projects and promptly addressing our customers’ needs.

Everything is tailor-made to satisfy your needs and we offer customization, flexibility and competitiveness in terms of cost and delivery time. Our quality assurance and validation procedures further support your product registration to satisfy any market requirement.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our services and how they can be tailored to your company’s needs.