About Us

About us

With decades of experience in the medical field, we are global leaders in the production and application of plasma spray coatings and additive manufacturing technologies. We are recognized experts in casting, 3D printing, surface treatments, plasma spray, machining, physical vapor deposition (PVD), and titanium anodization used for medical device and other applications.

We are an innovative service company made up of dynamic and proactive people who have high levels of expertise and are ready to work side-by-side with our customers to help them achieve success. Our mission is to understand your project exactly the way that you envision it.

As the medical division of Lincotek, we have access to a lifetime’s experience of coating technologies and innovation, enabling us to support hundreds of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) globally in the development of dedicated processes to suit their needs.

/ Our global approach

With bases established in Europe, North America, and Asia, we support our OEM customers wherever they may be located and be responsive to their demands.


Lincotek Medical originated from Flametal (Biocoatings®) and has been developing plasma spray coatings for medical application since 1992, and pioneered the use of metal additive manufacturing for medical application since 2006. With metal 3D printing machines running on a daily basis, we have the greatest expertise and capacity in the field.

In order to supply the growing demand of the orthopedic market over the years, Anteco became part of the former Unitedcoatings Group in 2012 with the implementation of Eurocoating Technologies and Organization.

NanoSurfaces Industries joined the medical division of the Unitedcoatings Group in 2018, bringing further design and manufacturing expertise and enlarging our capacity to support our OEM customer’s needs, This includes increased capacity for machining, finishing, anodization, and sterile packaging services, which adds to our one-stop shop approach for the production of medical implants and instruments.

In 2022 the Group – rebranded as Lincotek in 2020 – acquired a majority stake in a highly automated forging facility – Pegasus – to deliver an even more complete, end-to-end, service for the global orthopedic device market

North America

The former Surface Dynamics has been part of the US medical division since 2010. In Memphis (TN) and Cincinnati (OH), two twin facilities work together to bring plasma spray coatings and additive manufacturing services tailored to suit US market requirements. Their many years’ experience of being part of the Group ensures fast evolution and great innovation. In mid-2019, we strengthened our development engineering and manufacturing expertise with the acquisition of former CoorsTek Medical, based at four sites in the US. Combined with the already existing market leading coating and additive manufacturing capabilities, the move enables to provide our OEM customers with a unique and comprehensive portfolio of services wherever they may be based.

Following this acquisition – in January 2020  – the Group renamed the business Lincotek  and Eurocoating and its sister companies have become Lincotek Medical.

In 2022 Lincotek has acquired a majority stake in Danco Medical – the leader in metal finishing – to boost its surface preparation and finishing capabilities for orthopedic OEM customers


The former Eurocoating Medical Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. became part of the medical division of the Group in 2016 and is based in the Jiangsu province of China, one of the most important areas in Asia for the manufacture of orthopedic devices. The company provides our high-quality services to our customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

in 2022 Lincotek has extended reach with the acquisition of Danco Medical in Eastern China. The acquisition of the Changzhou plant was the second and final step in the acquisition of Danco Medical.


Lincotek has been providing thermal sprays and ancillary services worldwide since 1973. In addition to the medical division, companies within the group have provided equipment and services to the aviation and automotive industries, among other industrial sectors.

Working closely together, we have the capacity to design tailor-made med-tech solutions. We are able to customize equipment according to our client needs, from the simplest to the highest-technology degree of automation. The Low-Pressure Plasma Spray System, the Totally-Controlled Gun, and Plasma Spray Integrated Software are a few of our innovative solutions.

Working to the highest standards

In the performance of our activities we have always committed to achieving the highest standards of integrity and compliance to the regulation in force.

We work within an international context, by sharing views and interacting with the main players of associated industries.

We comply with the laws and regulations of the medical device industry and we are certified to meet the highest quality standards for all of our manufacturing and validation processes in all of the countries in which we operate.