Our one-stop shop approach for original equipment manufacturers

Gennaro D’Andrea, Worldwide General Manager of the Medical Division of Lincotek (former Unitedcoatings Group) discusses our one-stop shop capabilities.

13 December 2018

The one-stop shop concept is a natural evolution of our business. Over the years, our company has moved from simply providing the necessary technologies to providing all of the services and guidance that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are likely to need to get their product to market. Looking back at how we started with our core technologies – first plasma spray coatings then becoming an industry leader in additive manufacturing, we have continued to build on our wide experience to ensure that we always have something of additional value to provide to our customers.

One of the strengths of our company is that we are very dedicated to R&D and the introduction of new technology to continually improve our services. A good example of this is our use of additive manufacturing. We started using 3D printing machines around 12 years ago when it was really a pioneering technology. The experience gained in using this technology over many years helps us to meet our customers’ demands for innovative solutions.

Our one-stop shop approach was fully realised six months ago when, in June 2018, Lincotek Medical (former NanoSurfaces Industries), became part of the Medical Division of Lincotek (former UnitedCoatings Group). With that acquisition came the technology to not only machine complex components, but also the capability to truly offer our customers a single point of reference whether they wish to produce a device using traditional or more innovative methods. Indeed, our additional services before the acquisition included packaging and sterilization, but we have since been able to offer other key processes such as forging, casting, machining, and polishing. So, we can now provide a complete service, from design right through to validation and helping our customers with their product delivery.

With regards to validation, we are able to offer a cost-effective solution because we have many years of experience in dealing with validation all over the world according to the requirements of the various regulatory bodies. This can dramatically reduce the time it takes to get a product to market because it can take up to two years to validate a process and to make a master file for a device. We have the Master Files for Devices (MAF) for our additive manufacturing services and plasma spray coatings and we support customers with the registration of their own devices and processes worldwide.

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