Gennaro D’Andrea

Worldwide General Manager, Medical Division
Unitedcoatings Group

Gennaro D’Andrea Worldwide General Manager, Biomedical Division - Unitedcoatings Group

As the Worldwide General Manager of the Medical Division of the Unitedcoatings Group, Gennaro sits on the Board of Directors for Eurocoating, Coortek Medical, Anteco, Surface Dynamics, and Eurocoating Medical Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. He is also part of the team that evaluates and decides upon mergers and acquisitions and acts as the legal representative for Eurocoating Wuxi.

His role involves implementing the decisions taken by the board of directors across all the medical divisions of the different companies within the Group. He is also responsible for presenting annual operative plans and business plans for the Group, as well as ensuring that all resource, equipment, and organizational needs are continually met.

With experience in driving organization and human resources development, Gennaro has a strong track record of expanding our business in international markets while maintaining very high levels profitability.

He was involved in the start-of the Eurocoating Plant in 1999 and in the subsequent start-ups of the Surface Dynamics Memphis Plant in the USA and the Eurocoating Wuxi Plant in China.

Gennaro holds a professional as an engineer and has a PhD in Materials Engineering from the University of Trento in Italy. He is the author of numerous publications and has given presentations at scientific meetings.