Streamlining your business: is it time to spring clean your supply chain?

Gennaro D’Andrea, Worldwide General Manager of the Medical Division of Lincotek (former Unitedcoatings Group) provides this month’s blog on simplifying the global supply chain for orthopedic OEMs.

11 March 2019

For many of us working in the orthopaedic field, March marks not only the start of the Spring season, giving us an opportunity to reappraise our businesses from top to bottom, but also marks the start of the conference season, which gives us opportunities for new and continued international collaboration.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2019 Annual Meeting starts tomorrow and is anticipated to be attended by thousands of delegates from around the world to hear about the latest research and advances in evidence-based, cost-effective orthopedic care and other topics. The meeting attracts a diverse range of delegates – from renowned orthopaedic surgeons and allied healthcare professionals, through to the industry leaders who make the medical devices that they use to better patient outcomes and quality of care.

As a service company that works specifically with orthopedic original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) located are the globe, we are proud to be part of the AAOS 2019 exhibition. Attending this and other premier scientific meetings gives us the opportunity to meet our customers, both old and new, and to discuss our experience and know-how of how to potentially streamline their businesses using our one-stop shop approach. As a recognized leader in the industry, our company strongly orientates Its activities towards learning about and using the latest innovations in our processes, growth and internationalization by following a duplication logic and regional location of operations.

More than 80% of our sales are from international orders and we take great pride in being able to act as a global company while tailoring our services to the local needs of our customers. We have established production facilities in Europe, North America and Asia which helps us service our OEM customers wherever they may be located and be responsive to their demands.

Importantly, our one-stop-shop model enables us to simplify the management of complex supply chains, giving our customers a single point of reference and enabling them to duplicate production processes and standards in a timely and cost-efficient fashion.

The complete service we offer – on partnership with the client and based on a constant collaboration with universities and research institutes all over the world – simplify the supply chain and reduce time of delivery, allowing us to serve the global market efficiently and always ensuring that the solutions we offer are cutting edge.

If you are in Las Vegas for AAOS 2019, do stop by to see us at booth #2658.

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