Adding a new dimension to research

In the picture, from left to right, are: Mukesh Kumar – Global Director Of Technology, Stefano Rappo – R&D Manager, Massimiliano Tomaselli – R&D Project Manager, Additive, and Luca Facchini – R&D Project Manager, Additive.

2022, February 23

Appearing in a journal as prestigious as the MRS Bulletin is the ultimate recognition of high-quality research. That’s why we were delighted the publication – which has been in existence since 1974 and is now a joint collaboration between the Materials Research Society and Springer Nature Group – included a contribution from the Lincotek R&D team.

The subject? The transition towards the 3D printing of orthopedic components.

Our colleagues Mukesh Kumar, Stefano Rappo, Massimiliano Tomaselli, and Luca Facchini all played an important part in the research, helping to confirm Lincotek Medical’s prestige and commanding position in the market. We’ve long demonstrated a commitment to ongoing investigation in the world of Additive Manufacturing, with our R&D team deepening knowledge of processes, control and optimization, as well as trying to resolve known problems.

Customers are increasingly looking for extra value. They now know Additive Manufacturing and its potential, but are looking for a greater understanding of the processes – particularly with the current market regulations in place.

That’s why research is so important, delivered by experts with a deep understanding of othopedics – not just from the perspective of technology and materials, but also in relation to biological interaction.

Technology will continue to advance. Ever-higher standards will be expected. With the insight provided by Lincotek’s R&D professionals, we’ll be able to provide a route to continual progress.

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