At Lincotek Medical Wuxi, we isolate viruses, not services

On February 27, 2020, Mark Huguet, General Manager of Lincotek Medical Wuxi, shared how the company took steps to protect the health and safety of our employees during the Covid-19 outbreak, while still ensuring timely customer deliveries and the consistency of product quality.

At the start of the new year in  2020, China suffered the largest outbreak of infectious disease since SARS in 2003. In a very short period of time, the new coronavirus swept through Wuhan and spread rapidly to the whole country. At the time of writing, the situation has not completely improved, but we have come out of the most difficult period. The outbreak trend is under control in Wuxi.

Lincotek Medical partially resumed on-site work on February 10. Ten days later, we resumed full operation. Lincotek worked closely with the Xishan and Wuxi authorities to implement the Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures at first. Once theose meassures were in place, we were able to accelerate the resumption of production.

Based on corporate values and consistent core philosophy, we respect our employees, protect them, and ensure their health and safety. At the same time we are committed to ensuring production, serving our customers and continuing to deliver high service and quality. It is gratifying to note that all employees of Lincotek Medical have returned to work in good health and our daily operations are now in good order.

In order to ensure the life and health of employees – and to maintain production safety – there was a great deal of collaboration at the launch of the epidemic prevention work. Under my direction, the EHS management team of Lincotek Medical Wuxi clearly defined the responsibilities and division of work within the EHS team, and implemented a series of prevention and control measures against the new coronavirus:

  • Environment sterilization – twice a day (at 9am when coming in to work, and at 4 pm) to ensure our colleagues are working in a safe environment.
  • Temperature measurement – twice a day, the first time before 9am and the second time after lunch. The temperature data is recorded. And employees get their shoes sterilized at the entrance of the company building.
  • Canteen sterilization – separate adjacent seats at safe distance, with staggered lunch breaks.
  • Protection – we wear protective equipment such as goggles, masks, gloves and safety shoes.
  • Disposal of used masks – automatic contactless trash cans to avoid cross-infection.
  • Training – courses on safety in working envrionment, application of sterilization materials, and related protective measures against the new coronavirus.

Until the end of the outbreak, we will continue to implement these measures to ensure the health of our employees, the delivery of production and our commitment.

At the same time, Lincotek Medical sincerely thank our partners for their trust and support, wish you good health, and all the best!

Watch the video!

Local TV crews record the stringent measures put in place by Lincotek to maintain the safety of the workforce and ensure that high-quality production continues.