Our commitment to universities continues despite Covid-19

June 5, 2020

Although the pandemic has produced many challenges, it’s vitally important that education and research continue. This year, we have had the great honor of being invited as guests of the Biomedical Engineering Master at Politecnico di Milano to give some online seminars.

Francesco Robotti, our Technology Business Development Manager, gave a series of digital lessons at the Polimi, one of the most respected scientific and technological universities in Italy.

The first webinar, held on May 15, was hosted in the Biomaterials course held by Prof. Paola Petrini and touched hot topics related to applications in the orthopedics field, such as coating on Peek and electrochemical Calcium Phosphate coatings (#CaP) to improve the osseointegrative potential of metal lattice structures.

A second webinar, held on June 5, was hosted as part of the Computer Modeling in Orthopaedic Biomechanics course held by Prof. Nico Verdonshot. It looked at the important issue of Additive Manufacturing in the making orthopedic and spinal implants.

Research has always been linked to teaching at Polimi – a commitment which has allowed the institution to achieve high-quality results at an international level and integrate the university with the business world. Research runs in parallel with the alliances and co-operation that exist with industrial partners.

A sincere thank you to the hundreds of students who participated with such interest in the sessions. We are proud of our work in partnership with Polimi, helping to shape the workforce of tomorrow.