Leading a learning session at AIM Association

2019, June, 19 – 20
Politecnico di Milano
AIM Association | Course: “Plasma spray and plating for thick coating”

Speech : Francesco Robotti,  Scientific Marketing Manager – Eurocoating
“Plasma Spray Coating for the biomedical field”

Thank you so much for taking part in the course ‘ Plasma spray and plating for thick coating’ organized by AIM Association in partnership with some of the best Italian Universities.
AIM Association is a non- profit cultural society, that has as an objective the dissemination of science and technology related to metals and others materials for engineering.

The evolution of the traditional materials and the development of their processes, production techniques and technologies demand a constant and valid updating on behalf of those who study and work with materials. Scope of the Association is to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences among those who are interested in the development and progress of the metallic material field.
We are proud of the great experience gained in the sector of coating and of course we are proud to share it for this purpuse! We know materials used in the medical industries and our capabilities stem from deep knowledge of these materials and processes involved in manufacturing together to a continuous innovation in material research.

It was a pleasure for us have the possibility to share our knowledge with a lot of junior and senior industry technicians but also with young graduates and Phd students
We hope you enjoed our speech, we would love to meet you again in other training or business experience.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us!