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2019, June 2 | A different Sunday

Given the calamitous event that hit the north-eastern slope of the Alps and the Dolomite areas last October,  the company has chosen to support one of the affected areas: Arte Sella.

This small wonder of nature, a place where the mountain has been meeting contemporary art for over thirty years, has suffered considerable damage. Arte Sella is located in the heart of Trentino, an area where  it’s estimated that around 1.5 million cubic meters of plants have fallen to the ground and that there are 400 kilometers of forest roads that will need work.

As a gesture of good will and closeness to the area, the company will contribute financially to the restructuring of the park. The Alps and the Dolomites are one of the many UNESCO World Heritage sites in Italy that must be preserved in every way: doing business today must also be linked to preserving our natural surroundings through solid and meaningful gestures.