/ Physical vapor deposition coatings

Physical vapor deposition (PVD)

PVD enables a complete, biocompatible, ceramic surface coating to be placed on metallic implant components. This in turn has the beneficial effects of reducing the chances for allergic reactions and improves wear and tear of the coated surface.

We offer two types of ceramic coating for implants: titanium niobium nitride (TiNbN) and titanium nitride (TiN).

Key features of our PVD coatings

  • Low friction coefficient when in contact to the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) reduces wear and tear

  • Significant increase of scratch resistance of the surface versus no coating

  • Reduction of allergy potential by reduction of ion release to the detection limit

  • Can be applied to components intended for cemented and cementless fixation

  • Adhesiveness: HF1

  • Surface hardness: 2400HV

  • Layer roughness: Ra <0.05µm