TiGrowth® provides an outstanding, unique, new solution to spray a metallic trabecular structure onto your device. It has been designed to allow bone in-growth and is the first titanium (Ti) foam that can be sprayed onto a variety of medical devices such as femoral stems and acetabular cups.

Conventional cementless endosseous prostheses are generally made of Ti alloys and are supplied with a surface roughened by sandblasting, etching or plasma spray coating. These surfaces allow bone apposition (on-growth) only.

Our TiGrowth® coatings, have specifically been designed to have large-sized pores (100–800 microns) and high porosity (30-70%) to allow bone in-growth.


TiGrowth® consists in a series of open and interconnected large size pores arranged in a Ti matrix, in other words a Ti sponge applied on the pieces by plasma spray.

The porosity profile of TiGrowth® is not an ordered structure like porous beads, but rather a completely random structure that is rough and porous at the same time.

Advances in process control have enabled the application of thick coatings (up to 1000 microns), which allows for high and interconnecting porosity that are suitable for joint replacement components.

TiGrowth® can be supplied in thicker layers than conventional coatings with cohesion and adhesion strength within applicable norms requirements. The thickness of the coating determines the predictable amount of pore size, volume, and overall porosity that can be achieved.

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Eurocoating Ti growth treatment