From powder to serial additive production

On Demand - AM webinar


Speaker: Stefano Rappo, R&D Project Manager Additive Manufacturing, Lincotek Medical

While purchasing additive manufacturing (AM) equipment has its financial burden and commitments, scaling up and moving into the critical area of volume serial production is a real challenge.

This webinar will focus on helping Orthopedic OEMs decide if they want to embark on this journey of AM as a serial high-volume operator, or if it would be better to outsource the endeavor. Additionally, it will give OEMs pointers on assessing the capabilities and knowledge base of a Contract Manufacturer and determine if they would be comfortable considering their implants.

So, the AM machines have been installed, what next?

Our experience of 15+ years offers many lessons on scaling up – and this webinar discusses a few salient points to consider. Get details.

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