Arturo Sabbioni

Operations Director – Eurocoating SpA

Arturo Sabbioni Operations Director - Eurocoating SpA

As the Operation Director, Arturo’s responsibilities fall across multiple areas, including production, technical capabilities, research and development, and maintenance and purchasing. His role is central to keeping the teams at Eurocoating, Anteco, Surface Dynamics, and Eurocoating Medical Technology Wuxi in close contact and ensure alignment across the group regarding all operational aspects.

Arturo controls the production capacity at Eurocoating and proposes investments to keep the capacity needed to react quickly to new business opportunities. He was instrumental in setting up our production facilities and offices in Europe, North American, and China, ensuring that a uniform approach could be taken worldwide.

He has a PhD in Physics and, since joining the company in 2001, he has additionally supported the growth of the company by helping to create our wide portfolio of available surface treatments.