We are looking for an Manufacturing Engineer


Job Description
From a technical point of view, you will define methods of production of new products, support production technically and innovate consolidated production with a focus on continuous improvement.

Further information
You will collect the information necessary for the development of prototypes/ serial parts, often through direct contact with the customer; and suggest to the client any design changes to the device to ensure the full feasibility of the project, its safety, quality, repeatability and cost-effectiveness.

Defining the processing methods, the optimization of production costs and equipment costs, you will design simple equipment necessary for the handling and protection of the pieces to be coated. We’ll also expect you to manage suppliers and properly set-up production plants and machinery, using appropriate programming languages, while estimating the costs related to the fabrication of prototypes and providing the operational manager with the necessary data for issuing sales quotations.

You will also issue the work cycle in compliance with the Quality Plan; define and insert standard production times in our ERP software; and verify the correspondence between final duration and estimated/theoretical duration. Other responsibilities include:

  • The issuing of necessary corrective actions
  • Implementation of these actions for improvement
  • Resolution of non-conformities, resulting in reduction of production times and costs

Able to collaborate with the department head to train production personnel, you will support production when any problems or issues arise, while monitoring progress of the work. It is also essential that you take necessary corrective action and draft, execute and compile validation protocols and operating instructions to ensure compliance of plants and products.

Education and soft skills

  • Short or specialist degree in Engineering or Physics. Our search is aimed at candidates who have recently graduated or who have one to three years’ experience in metalworking companies
  • Good spoken and written English.
  • Knowledge of technical drawing, Solid Works, familiarity with materials engineering and the coatings sector are preferred
  • Team player, enable to embrace ongoing business needs and requests

Trento, Italy. Availability to travel around Italy and abroad.

Apply: hr.medical.emea@lincotek.com